Thank you for visiting the new website for the Democratic Women of Somerset County, based in Somerset County, PA.

In November 2016, we had our first meeting of Democratic women in Somerset County around a dining room table in the aftermath of the 2016 election. A half dozen of us, most of whom had never met, sat together and planned to form a coalition of like-minded women to fight back against the divisiveness and hatred sown by Donald Trump and the GOP. We knew we had an uphill battle on our hands, and we weren’t even sure how many of us were out there in our county. But we knew we had to act, and we persisted.

Since 2016, we’ve marched on Washington and in county parades, knocked on doors and phone banked for local and regional Democratic candidates, welcomed four Lieutenant Governor candidates to a forum to speak about our issues in a Somerset County high school auditorium, and supported and helped elect our own Democratic women candidates for positions ranging from election official to school board to borough council. We’ve celebrated victories, weathered defeats, and developed lifelong friendships strengthened by purpose and and our mutual conviction that women are powerful change-agents, and we’re even stronger together.

We believe in the equal treatment of all people; ensuring fair wages for all workers; protection of our environment; equal, quality public education for all; open, transparent government; affordable and available medical care for all; economic development in our community; and the election of Democratic candidates at all levels of government.

Follow our progress and find out how you can get involved here, or at our Facebook page. If you are a registered Democrat in Somerset County (regardless of gender!), join us at a monthly meeting or at one of our events to see what we’re all about.

Thanks again for visiting our site!